Artist Corners

“Find and follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls. Share your bliss and spread joy and inspiration around you.” – Elliot Bliss

Santa Cruz local artist Elliot Bliss is renowned for his mixed media art, typically involving vivid use of paint pens and wood carvings, mirrors, or apparel. Elliot’s pieces are admired by many for capturing the lively spiritual essence of living in Santa Cruz, and his use of bright colors often dynamically compliment or juxtapose the complex human emotion in his work. These gorgeous pieces are displayed in the lobby at CannaCruz, Santa Cruz, and are available for admiration & purchase. Follow Elliot on Instagram @elliot_bliss for more.

Elliot Bliss

“Wood Burn”



“Jack’s” $400

“Re-birth” $600


“The Rabbit Hole” $300.00


   “Eye-Flower” $75.00