Jimbo Philips

Jimbo Phillips Custom Sticker

Opening our first shop in the heart of Santa Cruz, Ca., we had a vision where the Redwood trees meet the Pacific Ocean. To incorporate a logo that was true to the Santa Cruz community and represents this beautiful surf n’ skateboarding gem, we decided to collaborate with the legendary Philips family. Jim Philips is best known for his SantaCruz Skateboard “Screaming Hand” logo, a unique style now mastered by his son, Jimbo Philips. Keep your eyes peeled when hitting the most famous surf n’ skate spots from around the world, you might find one of our “CannaCruz” stickers, created by Jimbo Philips, slapped on a telephone pole, skate deck, or stop sign. Cruz into one of our shops today to pick up your own custom Jimbo Philips “CannaCruz” T-shirts. (see photo gallery below)

The CannaCruz Life

Canna Slaps Around The World